Quality Policy

ATP Elastomers is dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction by providing product and service in a timely and efficient manner. This dedication is characterized by a competent and innovative workforce that is committed to complying with and continually improving our quality management system.

ISO Certification

ATP Elastomers recognized the value of ISO certification and first became certified on January 12, 2004. During that time, our quality management system and dedication to continuous improvement has been essential to the growth of our business and instrumental in our achievement and retention of excellent customer satisfaction.

We have a team of four certified Internal Quality Auditors who conduct annual process audits of our quality system that ensures we meet the needs of our customers as well as statutory and regulatory requirements related to the products we provide. Our management team annually reviews the progress of our quality management system and identifies opportunities for continuous improvement.

Additionally, we utilize the expertise of Smithers Quality Assessments, a third party certification registrar, to provide independent confirmation that our organization has met the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. Our current ISO 9001:2015 certificate’s expiry date is December 20, 2021.